A moose in Iowa sounds a little strange since Iowa seems like the last place you would see a moose, but occasionally moose do make it into the “Hawkeye State”.  Moose surprisingly are  not  are not native too Iowa, so seeing a moose in a state famous for agriculture and corn is a rare occurrence. The last moose sighting in Iowa was over three years ago and wildlife officials say that moose that are seen the  “Corn State” are usually moose wandering over from Northwestern Minnesota.

This most recent moose sigting was in Sibley, Iowa a town of 2,796. The moose a young bull probably looking for a mate has caused quite the stir in the small town with residents on the lookout for the elusive bull who has made Sibley his temporary home. News Article.

Also, for the record, Iowa is nicknamed the “Hawkeye State” as a tribute to the great Chief Black Hawk of the Sauk Indians.