Some two hundred years ago if you were to visit the Caucasus mountains you might very well have seen moose running around.  Unfortunately, near the end of the 20th Century the Caucasian Moose (Alces alces caucasicus) went extinct. Their extinction was due to overhunting and loss of habitat.

The Caucasian moose at one time was found throughout the Caucasus mountains which range from Turkey into Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Russia. At one time these high remote mountains where also home to bears, wolves, tigers(Caspian) and Lions(Asiatic).  The Asiatic Lion was hunted to extinction sometime during the 10th Century and Caspian Tiger disappeared sometime during the early 20th Century. Wolves and bears still exist here but in small numbers.

There are rumors that there still may be Caucasian moose in the most remote parts of the Caucasus’s but this is all speculation and until their existance is verified the Caucasian Moose will remain on the list of extinct animals.