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Moose Car Standoff


What I like most about this image, is not just that the moose is clearly not giving up her spot to the car, but that the driver of the car remembered to bring his 35mm camera with him that day.  Now, I know that just about everyone has a built in camera to their cell phone so having a camera at ready for such an instance is not out of the ordinary, but how many of us carry possibly a $600 phone with them at all times?(Unless your a photographer or Private Investigator). What I want to know, is how long the standoff between moose and ’96 Toyota Camry actually was? I can only hope that the owner in his next car purchase stays away from anything green or teal.

Monday’s are always a hard day for me to post a meaningful post on moose. It comes from both the hangover of a long but enjoyable weekend and the start of a new work week. Also, moose are doing what they do best being moose, and this results in lack of news stories about them. Hopefully Tuesday will bring with it a slew of highly entertaining moose stories, or I can just post another video of a moose from You Tube.


  1. Those people that text in their cars should be shot.

  2. mooseboy

    August 3, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    I agree 100%, other than this gentlemen in his car has a camera instead of a cell phone I believe. Regardless damn cell phones and their horrendous attack on moose and moose babies.

  3. He’s just standing up for what he believes. Call this a Tiananmen Square moment in his life. I mean, look at that man on his cell phone. Cell phones kill moose. This moose has every right to have a Tiananmen Square moment.

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