There are moose in Mongolia? I asked the same thing when I saw this picture of a Mongolian hunter with a felled moose. Moose as a matter of fact are just one of the many animal species that live in this remote country. Antelope, Ibex, Snow leopard’s, Brown Bears, Wolves and whole lot of other wild animals call Mongolia home. This came as kind of shock to me, as I always depicted Mongolia as home to sheep, camels, and nomadic tribes.

The Ussurian, Amur or Manchurian moose as it is called, is the smallest sub-specie of moose in the world, and in Mongolia is found in the northern part of the country. Currently the Ussurian moose is a protected species in Mongolia after years of unregulated and illegal hunting hurt populations.

Ussurian moose are quite smaller than their North American, European, and Eastern Russian cousins in both body and antler size. Bulls weigh between 500-700 pounds with females being even smaller. Ussurian moose antlers are also smaller than other moose species, males will generally only have three to four tines per antler, and little if any palmation.

So the next time you want to impress your friends or family with useless knowledge, may I suggest letting them know that moose do in fact live in Mongolia. It won’t win you any dates or friends (in fact you may lose a few friends because of it), but it will give something for them to think about as they quickly get away from you.

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